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Most women have a picture in their mind of how happy and fulfilled they will feel during pregnancy and during the first year of their baby's life. However, many come to realize that this is not always the case. For many, the reality is that pregnancy and postpartum can be some of the most challenging times in their lives, both in a physical and emotional sense. 

Do you find yourself feeling a sudden sense of panic take over your body? Do you stay up late at night worrying about your baby's healthy? Do you find yourself crying more often than usual or feeling that you have lost your identity? Are these emotions preventing you from enjoying this special time with your baby? If so, please call me        right away to schedule a session. You can feel better and therapy is the first step. Stop waiting and take back control of your life!

Mother with her Child

The experience of infertility or pregnancy loss can create different feelings and reactions in each of us. Just like how we process various life events in our own unique way, no two people can process the feelings associated with these experiences in the same manner.


Although there is usually a cycle of feelings that follow a loss, it is never set in stone and ultimately, nobody knows what it feels like to be you right now better than you. People may be trying to make you feel better by giving you advice such as “There is a reason for everything.” or “Trust me, it’s for the best.” and although part of you might believe them, these words do not always help to heal the pain in your heart. Others may feel awkward around you and not know what to say, leading you to feel like they don’t care.


This is a difficult time that you are going through, and although you may never again be the person you were before this loss, that does not mean that you will not heal and become a better and stronger person in the end. The key to achieving this is to open yourself up to process the feelings that this loss has brought up for you. Therapy is a great place to begin this journey and I would love to join you in your path to healing and growth. 

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