Psycho-educational assessments consist of intelligence, achievement, and a variety of other tests that are administered to determine one's strengths and weaknesses in academic functioning and attention. Through psycho-educational assessments, one can determine if they meet the diagnostic criteria for a Learning Disability and/or Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (A.D.H.D.). In addition, at the end of a psycho-educational assessment, you are provided with a report that has recommendations regarding study strategies and accommodations in the classroom and during exams. These accommodations are a great way to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate services and opportunities to allow you to learn and express your knowledge in the best possible manner.  If testing reveals that you do have a learning disability and/or A.D.H.D., the report and recommendations within will allow you to receive equity in your educational endeavors.  

If you are interested in being evaluated for a Learning Disability or A.D.H.D., contact me       and we can discuss the process. This may be the most important thing that you do to set yourself up for academic success!